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KZNMED is a KZNRES project focused on the medical field. We are building innovative healthcare solutions that aim at transforming healthcare by leveraging a set of technologies like AI for diagnostics, EHR Data integrity, ownership, and security, Biometric Smart Wearables. KZNMED is developing software that empowers patients to own and transfer their medical records, and get “second opinion” from the AI, remotely, to have more detailed and precise diagnosis on their conditions. The key to the fully outperforming software is an AI, iOT and blockchain based software that connects all the big data that can connect all the different parallels between the data sets.

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We believe that a new age of software diagnostics will help people, make the future more predictable and improve the quality of life of every individual.


We believe that your personal doctor should be in your hand and that every individual should have his health data under his control and be the owner of his data.

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We believe that a system of coordination for tracking pandemics should be available in a complex system and that in a globalized society physicians anywhere should be able to operate with prior knowledge of the conditions.


Electronic Health Record Systems should be more accessible to prevent wrong decisions.


Universal Electronic Health Record System

Electronic Health Record systems are not as digitized as the rest of our infrastructure. A vast majority of those systems are lagging behind. In different countries the records are stored differently and in most cases not directly available as we would like in case of an emergency. On top of that, the processors of the records can see everything inside but in many cases the data stored is sold by the “owners” of your data to companies that want to have your information. The owner almost certainly is not “you”. ... Read more Universal electronic health record system will provide all your information at any time at your disposal. With your permission others could see your data and you will be the owner of your health records. Big Tech is waiting for the opportunity to get access to all this data. This opportunity has been granted with the novel Corona virus. Now is the time we decide whether that will be the case or not. Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostics

AI assisted diagnostics will review your medical data daily. Medical data such as images, videos, CT-Scans, Xrays, ultrasound, mammography, ECG, EEG, blood/urine/stool/CSF tests, histology, medical tests, genomic data will be the bases of diagnostics and AI will make assumptions about the condition pertinent to a certain disease that it has been trained through relevant data sets to spot. In this way you can predict your health problems or better the upcoming ones. ... Read more Our aim is to enrich and apply different AI methodologies including deep learning to create algorithms for automated detection of diseases. The potential uses in medicine for AI are plentiful: 1) AI algorithms could be useful for the analysis of many types of medical data which will free Doctors, and allow them to spend more time with patients as opposed to looking through scans, blood tests, urine tests, etc. It will also increase the availability of the medical professionals to treat more patients. 2) AI will eventually make medical examinations more accurate by reducing the risk of human error and increasing objectiveness. 3) AI will be useful in areas where expertise is scarce. Remote, poor or otherwise disadvantaged areas could access more easily top notch medical specialists and get the specialised medical care they need at a fraction of the normal cost of these specialists. 4) With an enriched AI algorithm we can apply new drug discovery and better simulations for research purposes. 5) Algorithm will help you with better Lifestyle/Diet/Healthcare recommendation 6) Algorithms will allow us to track pandemics in an anonymized setting for better coordination. Read more

Wearable Tech for Real Time Health Monitoring powered by AI

For additional accuracy of the AI algorithm diagnostic we incorporate live data from biosensors and environment sensors on our wearable bracelet device to enrich the database for better diagnostics. ... Read more For an efficient collection of live data we are incorporating in the AI diagnostic algorithm data from wearables, T-shirts, bracelets/watches, rings, environment stations and more. The first generation of devices will be wearable bracelets tracking bio data and environmental data that will serve as quality indicators towards accurate health recommendations. (lifestyle, diet, potential pandemics, and medical procedures) Powered by AI and encrypted for patient’s use. The data collected from these devices are very valuable in a model of where this data is superposed to EHR and analysed by algorithms and lifestyle/medical/diet suggestions are suggested to users through an app interface. Read more


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A lot of disruptive technologies are changing the healthcare scene and how patients are being serviced as well as accuracy and effectiveness of these services complemented by the use of AI, Blockchains, and real time health metric data feeds. We plan to use a combination of the available tech stack to optimise how patient treatment is handled. Setting an example for other medical service providers to follow.

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A new way to manage EHR, with decentralised and distributed record management system to handle EHRs, using a distributed storage solutions and blockchain technology for the optimal security, scalability, and ownership of your data. Blockchain based medical supply chain solution tracing provenance of drugs along the entire supply chain.

Blockchain for Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is a problematic sector filled with inefficiencies, partially those inefficiencies can be attributed to compliance issues. There is an urgent need for innovation in this field, since we are moving into the age of real time on demand healthcare data from patients to engage in the details of their healthcare data and restore agency over their medical data. ... Read more We propose a new way to manage EHR, with decentralised and distributed record management system to handle EHRs, using a distributed storage solutions and blockchain technology. The system will give patients a comprehensive, immutable log and modifiable log. Ease of access to their medical information across providers and treatment sites. Leveraging unique blockchain properties, to manage authentication, confidentiality, accountability and data sharing —crucial considerations when handling sensitive information. - Improve Medical Record Access - Cutting Costs - Improving Medical Record Keeping - Tracking Clinical Trials and Pharmaceuticals - Tracking Medical Credentials - Enhance the Security and Control of Healthcare Transactions - Improve Patient-Doctor Interactions - Providing ownership of data - Tracking Pandemics Read more

Blockchain for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Blockchain based medical supply chain solution tracing provenance of drugs along the entire supply chain. ... Read more Creation of Drug Digital Passports for later assignment to prescriptions by physicians. Interoperability between the previous module and current ones. - Stop Counterfeit Drugs - Control over medical supply chain - Microdosing and personal medications Read more

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For an easy access to your EHR system, payments and control we integrated in a wearable bracelet device a crypto wallet that safely stores your private keys. Your mobile or Web app will able you to see all the details of the system.

Web App/iOS/Android crypto wallet connected to a hardware wallet including top 15 supported coins in addition to Ethereum based ERC 20 tokens. Mechanisms of incentive systems through tokens to stay healthy.

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